Friday, September 2, 2011

Celeste's 1st Birthday

What do you get when you have an adorable baby girl turning one, a creative Mom, and crafty Auntie??  A DIY birthday celebration filled with lots of goodies!

Inspired by an outfit piece with strawberries, Celeste's first birthday is filled with lots of DIY goodness including a fantastical ribbon wall with burlap & ruffled streamers, mason jars filled with fresh strawberries, and handmade party hats for the little ones!  These wonderful photos were taken by Jerome of Jerome Park Photography!    

Party hat favors for the kids
Mason jar centerpieces filled with strawberries with gingham placemats~
Flower arrangements handmade by Celeste's Auntie!

I spy a ribbon wall!

(L) Kids' Party Favors
(R) Doljabi - In the Korean tradition, one of the highlights of a dol is the doljabi,
where the child is placed in front of a variety of items
and it is believed that the item the child selects will foretell his/her future.

Loved all her outfit changes that fit right in with the strawberry theme!
Happy Friday!! Have a safe & cool Labor Day weekend~ Mine will be filled with two back-to-back weddings!! xoxo

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  1. everything looks so sweet, especially that strawberry skirt!


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