Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor of Love

A lot of people ask me if it's difficult to sacrifice my weekends to plan and coordinate weddings for others.  Thankfully, I view it as an amazing honor to be a part of their special day so it truly is a labor of love for me!!  It also doesn't hurt having Husband as my assistant~  He understands how much I love what I do and is willing to go the distance to give up a part of his weekend with me!

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!  Mine was filled with two weddings that I'm smitten with and cannot wait for their pictures to be posted!!  Both weddings were filled with lots of DIY magic, including oversized paper flowers meets ribbon wall and a dessert bar backdrop that looks like it came out of an Anthropologie catalogue!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and videographer!!  Although I won't be able to reveal the awesome same day edit created by Peter of Studio 205 Films until later, I WILL post the engagement sessions of these two incredibly sweet couples I had the honor of working with!

The first engagement session was shot by Youkeun of Youkeun Oh Photography.  Fun Fact: I went to college with Youkeun!! It's great to see old friends in the wedding business! :)  Meet Maria & Ed.  I love the different backgrounds in the photos.  They look like they walked out of a J.Crew catalogue!!

This next engagement session was shot by the sweet wife & husband duo, Jamie & Chris of JAC Photography.  Fun Fact: JAC Photography has shot several different couples I've gone to high school with!  It's a small world, indeed~ Meet Judith & Aaron. They are good friends with Husband from Fuller Seminary where he spent his first year in seminary before transferring to Talbot. I love the vintage look of these photos!

More details of these two beautiful weddings to come later!

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