Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Into Love

Although the weather doesn't seem to show it, today marks the first day of my favorite season of the year...Autumn!!  It's a wonderful season to get married as leaves begin to change colors and there's a slight chill in the air.  Personally, I always wanted to get married during this beautiful time of year but due to our fanatic commitment to a little thing called Turkey Bowl (a tournament held every year during Thanksgiving where dozens of churches gather to play flag football), Husband and I didn't want to risk getting hurt before our big day!

Autumn may not be the most popular wedding season due to its association with non-traditional color palettes.  However, it's the perfect time to embrace these rich hues and jewel tones to accent your wedding during this season!

Courtesy of Spread Love Events

Courtesy of J.Crew

Courtesy of Nordstrom
Deep colors like plum, cobalt blue, or emerald green are popular color choices for Fall.  Don't be afraid to add a punch of color!  Have a happy weekend!! :)

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